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How To Reduce Accidents In Insulating Glass Production?
Release Time: 2022-04-09

1. Read the operation manual. Do not think that the manual is just a simple text description, its importance is to give operators safe guidance and operational details. In the production of insulating glass, the operator needs to read the relevant insulating glass equipment specifications in detail, and keep in mind the key points to pay attention to the operation, in the actual work to strictly follow the instructions to operate the equipment. Here, especially to grasp and learn how to deal with emergencies. When encountering equipment damage or glass breakage loss, always remember to stop the equipment in time and turn off the power, which is not only the best protection for the equipment, but also the safety protection for the operator.

2. Keep a clear mind at all times. Because most insulating glass equipment belongs to electrical equipment, in the work need to be connected to the power supply, which also determines that the operator in the work of the equipment must not touch the glass production equipment and cleaning equipment by hand, because once the equipment leakage is easy to occur safety accidents.

3. Need to learn to protect and maintain glass equipment. The protection and maintenance of insulating glass equipment is an important measure to improve the operation of equipment. Only by paying attention to the protection and maintenance of equipment at ordinary times, can the equipment operate normally, reduce the probability of safety accidents fundamentally and improve the efficient production of glass.

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