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The Insulating Glass Equipment Composition
Release Time: 2022-04-01

1.Spacer interval and gas. In the space layer of insulating glass, in order to guarantee the function of insulating glass, the gas in the space layer must be monotonous. The internal gas may be monotonic, argon, or other special gas. Generally according to the requirements of different insulating glass, the thickness of insulating glass spacer and the gas inside insulating glass are different.

2.The original piece of glass that forms the insulating glass. These glass can be so general float glass, laminated glass, sunlight control glass and so on. Because of the choice of the original glass, the insulating glass effect and application address can be different. Because to its demand different, so can choose 3 layer or multilayer original sheet glass.

3.Edge seal system. Now, there are two kinds of insulating glass edge sealing systems: the traditional cold side sealing system and the warm side sealing system represented by Swiggle strip. Since the traditional aluminum trough insulating glass equipment has been widely used in the international market, it has been recognized by many people. However, warm edge system has been promoted in China since 1997, and the product has not been widely known.

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